Being &c.

by jdavidcharles

Nothingness is very different than non-being
as Sartre some years ago said
he was talking about Pierre
who he had been waiting for for hours
he never came and Sartre called this Nothingness which
I suppose means we make an entity of our expectation
a sort of space where no space is
waiting for this or that Pierre to appear and
sure enough this morning Pierre did appear
but a different Pierre than the one
I had been waiting for
so there I was with Pierre whose name was Josh
which I remember only because it’s my name as well
who happens to work at the coffee shop
where we both were waiting
for our respective Pierres when rain
sudden rain spilled over
the coffee-house awning
onto empty plastic
chairs stacked out front
California weather Josh said
I agreed and lit his cigarette as
the rain subsided and I said
it never rains here does it
the clouds always heading out to
some other state
just beyond our one-night-stand California
yeah its like California is busy making breakfast
he said when suddenly the rain
just slips out the back door

sometimes leaving a wad of cash
I thought and sometimes not