by jdavidcharles

I must confess that

the two loads of dishes
done as of this morning
were in fact not done
by your roommates,

nor the ice cube tray,
filled perfectly to the
top without freezing
the cubes together;

the bed re-made, and
the laundry folded and
placed along your chair
were equally not them

in fact. I am told that
charity is best rewarded
when unsaid and good
deeds returned to the

silent do-gooder, but
really now, at some point
some good deed has to be
said as to reward the

unsaid good deed
already mentioned;
if deeds were unspoken
how is it one could

have a sufficient back-
ground by which to
judge a good deed from
a bad one or an okay

one from an indecent
one, so the whole thing
really deconstructs
itself when you think

about it. All that to
say that I suppose all
of our deeds are spoken
somehow, and silence is

still speaking, and each
of our kindnesses have
a sort of rescinding and
negation in the telling,

but, since I’m telling,
I might as well let you
know I vomited in your
sink and also behind

your green waste can
once or twice because
the bathroom was oc-
cupied at the time—

but, in my defense, you
do have five other house
mates and only the one
bathroom so now who’s

really to blame for that?