christmas tide sutra

by jdavidcharles

A little poem for the season and a true story at that. I was so going to buy the Upanishads but there was no way I was going to spend 20+ bucks on it. I suppose my and Border’s stinginess is why we would both make pretty bad Hindus.

christmas tide sutra

shopping for christmas presents

down the aisles of bubblegum wrapped

cds books of poe dead presidents and

rollyourownsushi home kits

looking for buddha in their pockets and

christ in their crucifix shaped rows

of romance and endless fiction

but looking (mostly) for the outlet

to plug my laptop to print the coupon

to buy the book at glorious half discount price and write

the sudden genius inspiration of poetry

on capital america in deep heart felt love songs

but the outlet (the seemingly only one) guarded

like a gargoyle by the woman in nike shoes

with macbook, physics homework

so right outside into noonday sun I walked empty handed

no book to quote in my non-poem slipping

slowly out of mind to poetic void which was to have

beautiful poetic end line enjambment stop:


all is full all is

full ohm.

peace peace