love song

by jdavidcharles

The world needs more love songs. Thought I’d write one.


love song

it begins in the same,

subtle ways such things


begin—play of eyes or

shift of bodies and


things “begin” they say,

or: they “have begun,” “be

                -ginning,” etc.


she told me there was a marked

difference between loving and


being in love, between feeling

and making love, ie we were in

love that summer although

we made love through winter


(and into spring when what

we felt could only be described


as feeling love or perhaps feeling

about love) and although common


and (at times) repetitive, love is


certainly never



sure, I suppose I’ve loved out

of duty, obligation, filial piety,


self-justification, and so

many countless endless


nights loving out of guilt,

self-pity, self-deprecation


and once or twice because

it “just seemed like a nice


gesture,” having been taken

out, given food, wine, talked


sweetly to, and, of course—and

why not?—then of all times, to


lie down on the bed, table, sit,

stand, crawl, and make love