Something New

by jdavidcharles

I have been thinking about atmosphere and environment and its relation to mood and decided a February rain poem was in order. Something about the rain in California, when it finally comes, seems to embody the sort of tug of new but expected experience. So, toss these things together with the usual poetic fascinations of mine, relationships as embodiment of self/o-/O-ther distinction, and ta-da(!) you got yourself a poem.


Something New


Thinking less and

            less of you—


February, the sudden

            bursting of rain,


in its middle a certain

            deadness, a


honeyed, hollowed

            out center;


we felt on a border

            always the


edge of it, backed

            to it and in


front the ledge and

            curl, its


infinite dropping off,



into and through the

            center and,


presumably, into

            some bey-


ond—finally—then out

            and onward


right up to the cusp of

            some vast and


infinite cusp of things,

            but together,


and perhaps a little

            closer, face


forward, sidling some-

            thing new,


something finally

            quite different.