this filling is an overflowing

by jdavidcharles

Following up on I am this urgency I make, I decided to continue with the theme of the mouth  as that which must go out (speaking, licking, sucking, etc.) in order to return (mouth as site of insertion both sexually and site of “speaking-along” others via dialogue, poetry, text, etc.). Simultaneously I have just finished reading the 112 ways of Centering as they appear in the quaint Zen reader, Zen Flesh Zen Bones. The text invokes several images of piercing and sucking to elucidate this idea of the decentered center, the “looking outside oneself” in order to return to the self–the self that is out there in other people and places (also was thinking of Andy Clark’s work on the extended mind). But, perhaps more obviously, this is a poem about me getting my nose pierced.

this filling is an overflowing

You must run the nail
of this, the very edge of

its curvature, strip or
ream, denude and flake

its pealing back of flesh,
pierce through the honey

of your own before
anyone can see or

be. Hands to the shaft
and right on through

the jelly of disclosing.
That’s how translation

happens. Translation
and the form of some

forgetfulness. Or: lips
to the trauma and

suck without lash or
curl, sing Shiva,

suck without blinking–
become the sucking.