An Update to my Readers

by jdavidcharles

Hello persons who read my blog.

I have, for awhile now, been wanting to somewhat shift the focus of my blog. Up until now this has been a place to work out ideas, a sort of blank canvas to splatter ideas on and see what sticks and what doesn’t. This has resulted in me coming to new convictions about a lot of things but also publicly posting things I now no longer hold. This is all made slightly worse by the tone I have taken in most of my articles which I often fear comes across as authoritative and cocksure; however, this is far from the truth–I feel more like I’m scratching with a stick in the mould and all these engravings are tentative and unsure at best. I’m picking up these things with big open arms and dropping a lot along the way and I have no delusions about that.

But I’ve been discovering a somewhat more conversational style to my writing at times, particular when engaging in comment discussions (which are really the joy of blogging to me). I would like to take more of this approach to my blog. This will inevitably take the form of some blog cliches–posting links, videos, music, current events etc etc–all of which though, I hope, will retain my strand of commentary and whatever it is you as readers have come to find worth reading in my blog (my wry wit, extraordinary insight, spiritual inspiration, ravid sensuality, et al).

In short, I’m sort of collapsing my facebook page and blog into each other and I’m going to see what happens–wherein once I would post a quasi-essay on ideology and alterity here whilst posting Bob Dylan videos on the other, I now hope to (a mere hypothetical) post Bob Dylan videos here with slight commentary on ideology and alterity. I hope, one, this makes my blog more approachable and enjoyable (even I have a hard time slugging through my neo-academic, wanna-be psychoanalytic, with hints of Heideggerianese, jargon), while two, bringing a level of reflection and insight into things I wouldn’t normally take a critical eye to.

Given that I found myself with some more time to blog I am hoping this will lead to more posts on a diversity of things. Still some quasi-essays of me processing through what I am reading and thinking about as well as the occassional poem, but hopefully there will be more material and articles elsewise. Thanks once again for being continuous and faithful readers.