by jdavidcharles

Apparently losing your 4 year-old son due to a drunk hit-and-run driver can get you convicted of vehicular homicide. Seriously.

Say hello to the Meat Eater’s Guide. Includes a helpful break down of the GHGs (greenhouse gas emissions) of twenty common foods. Big surprise–meat production shipping and packaging is really bad for the environment (but not as bad as lamb). But potatoes are nigh four times as bad as milk (!). So there you go.

The beautiful cover of this last issue of the New Yorker. Just felt like sharing.

Now, I’m no fan of propaganda laden, lie spreading, incoherent babbling, nor the endorsing of rankly homophobic policies, so it will come as no surprise that I don’t really like Michele Bachmann. That being said, over at Feminist Philosophers there is a great post on the ridiculous undercurrent of ableism and sexism in the media’s treatment of Bachmann’s so-called headache “scandal.”

To counteract the aforementioned Michele, hopefully how amazingly awesome Michelle Obama is (and to California no less) will make you feel better.

Also, I really like this song: