the breaths are long and deep

by jdavidcharles

First the bending of prong to round the lip of membrane, then the puncturing of tissue. Press, hold, and the body and its pressure fights back the blood for you.

Gauze the wound and press. Soak. Discard all residue.

Leaning forward over the side of saline, wound-first, and right to the stillness of salt and distillation. This is called prevention. Prevent the incoming of foreign matter and prevent all possibility of infection. A closed system is a healthy system.

At night, sleep face-up, block the body inward. Preserve insularity. This is what wellness looks like. Do not touch the wound as the body can turn against itself with its countless and infinitesimal smaller bodies.

Do not wash near or around the wound. Do not scrub or poke. Remember: This is health. You’re finally getting better. Functioning. Proper.