Some Links for you

by jdavidcharles

One. You should go over and sign this petition right now. The fact that this is even an issue shows how tragically deep-seated transphobia is.

BITCH has a great post up on masculinity and body-image issues up here.

If you ever thought quoting Full Metal Jacket to an Asian American was a good way to look super sexy, think again in this satiric but depressing video and article.

And over at The Lichenthrope, a great article about non-violence and what exactly constitutes violence and non-violence. This article is very fitting given the side debate on Harman’s blog here as well as a good response by Critical Animal here on some comments Žižek made on the Roma. It strikes me that Žižek can be guilty of this very sort of compromise of “violence” (‘well, violence constitutes everything, confronting the other is violent, and love is violent, and blah blah, so don’t get mad at me if I’m racist” etc).

On a happier note, I hope, I have recently fallen in love with the art of Mike Mills, director of Beginners. I hope you so fall in love too. Just a sampling below: