by jdavidcharles

For starters, Dr. Harris-Perry wrote a great article (very charitably) critiquing some unfortunate trends in contemporary discussions regarding race.

Bitch has a fun list up of some punk groups you may have forgotten about or never heard of because of that whole white, heterosexual, male hegemony thing. If you haven’t heard ‘DEATH’ before you really should. Wonderful.

What do you do when two Finnish activists reveal abuses going on in a pig factory? If you guessed prosecute the activists of course you guessed correct.

Carol J. Adams doing what she does best and calling BULLSHIT on the New York Times speciesist, misogynistic idiocy.

Worst article ever. Please send the NY post a complaint at LETTERS@NYPOST.COM.

And if you have a moment, read this few page excerpt from David Halperin’s Saint Foucault. I will be purchasing this book now.

The Star has curious piece on the correlation between the meat industry and other forms of social violence.

And I’ll leave you with this delightful, epic, fun piece here: